Details of the Initial Energy Assessment

Infrared Testing

Thermal imaging helps us determine where energy loss is taking place.  This method is particularly efficient for Connecticut homes.

Heating Equipment Testing

We test your existing equipment to ensure safe, as well as efficient operation.  

As the equipment degrades, it's liable to release CO (carbon monoxide) into your home. We will notify you if this the case.

Deliver Energy Saving Rebates

Through our Eversource and UI partnerships, we provide significant energy saving rebates on key measures. This includes insulation, heating and cooling systems, and WiFi thermostats. The goal is to deliver time-tested and high quality energy saving solutions to better save money.

Blower Door and Duct Testing

These tests are used to discover the leaks and losses coming from doors and ducts.  

The blower door highlights existing drafts and air leaks, and the duct test locates losses within the duct system.

Road Map To Efficiency

You will receive an energy 'score' at the end of the assessment.  The score is based on our conclusions, and details your indivual path to efficiency and savings.

Immediate Energy Saving Measures

LED Light Bulbs

If we see any incandescent bulbs in your home, we have the ability to replace them with LED's to further drive down your energy bill.

Air Sealing Measures

We seal the areas identified during the Duct and Blower door tests to reduce the effects of loss and drafts.  This is done on the same day as the initial assessment.

Hot Water Saving Measures

If it is applicable we can insulate hot water pipes, as well as replace showerheads and faucets. This will reduce your water consumption while keeping your water hot.