Our History and Mission

We've Been Serving Connecticut for 9 Years!

We are a woman owned, small family business who is an approved contractor for Eversource energy, the United Illuminating Company, Connecticut Natural Gas Corporation, and the Southern Connecticut Gas Company Home Energy solutions (HES) in-home service program.    

Our objective is to reduce electrical/fuel energy and peak demand consumption. We accomplish our goal through a broad-spectrum inspection, replacement of inefficient equipment and weatherization of residential dwellings. These improvements help the home’s energy efficiency, safety and comfort.  

Our mission at HE Energy Solutions is customer driven.  We strive to create savings, in home efficiency, and increased comfort.  We have been working with home owners and land lords alike to bring energy efficiency to where it's needed.  Our customers see and feel the effort we consistently put out on their behalf, and have always been grateful. 

One of the most rewarding aspects of what we do is the impact of how we are changing peoples' lives through energy efficiency. We receive positive feedback through thank you cards, letters and emails, baked goods and telephone calls. Not only do we help people who are in monetary need, we become their sounding board for other aspects of their lives. By taking the time to listen, we have found jobs for CNA’s out of work, and we have referred our customers to other agencies for more help. Simply we’ve become their friends. We feel very privileged to be able to be part of this wonderful program. 

Our Office Team

Vivian Perez, Co - Owner


Vivian has a had a lengthy business career including property acquisition, ownership, and maintenance.  She has felt the benefits of energy audits first hand, and is committed to delivering those advantages to your home.

Shalom Mizrahi, Co - Owner


Shalom began his technical career as an engineer in the IDF Navy.  He tested and perfected his handyman technique over a long career of repairs and personal architecture projects.  Shalom has made 100's of homes and complexes more efficient over his energy career, and he's eager to share his knowledge wth you.   

Pam Wolf, Operations and Scheduling Director


Pam is the friendly voice of HE Energy Solutions.  She's responsible for the initial contact, scheduling, and coordinating the various energy efficiency services we deliver to your home.  Feel free to send her an email now to start saving!

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Our Field Team


Marcus is one of our most senior technicians and has been with us since the beginning.  He is well versed in energy efficiency, and is enthusiastic to work every day.


Nick is also a veteran of efficiency and assessment work. 


Born and raised in New York, Brian moved to Connecticut about 18 years ago.  He excelled in his Energy Efficiency training and has been a valued member of our team since then.


The man behind our insulation jobs.  His skills include in-home estimates, house measurements, quotes, and materials management.  He is comitted to delivering top quality insulation and energy solutions.


Lou has been working as a general handyman for years, and recently joined the energy efficiency fold. His experience made him a strong addition to our team.  He leaves each customer with a more comfortable and efficient home.  


Ray is part of the insulation team with Robert.  He has years of contracting experience, and has recently dedicated himself to delivering superb insulation services.  

Our Partners

Energize CT

Energize CT partners with other energy firms such as the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund, the Connecticut Green Bank, and the State of Connecticut.  It's their business to help with rebates, financing and services for efficiency improvements.  Follow this link for more information.