How Does a Home Energy Assessment work?

Initial Contact

We engage in an active dialogue with our customers to determine building specifications, identify challenges, and to create mutual goals.  This extends to how your house is heated, its size, and other addon measures you request.

Our Arrival

Once we've gathered your background information, we'll come to your location and begin our assessment.  This includes a visual inspection for out-of-date appliances such as shower heads and light bulbs.  Blower door and air flow test are also conducted to determine the current state of your efficiency and energy loss.  We then provide customers with standard energy saving solutions tuned to the results of our assessment.  

Further Measures

The first assessment (our arrival) includes new lightbulbs, air flow tests, duct tests, and sealing. It's in our power to give significant rebates for staple add-on measures such as insulation, refrigerators, washers, dryers, and dehumidifiers.  If you want or require any of these, we work with you to get and install them for far less than retail price.

Reep The Rewards

Once our work is finished, the structure and all its inhabitants will experience increased comfort.  Owners of the building will notice instant reductions on their energy bill.

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Frequently Asked

Is my home a good match for the program?

We conduct projects on residential and commercial buildings in the state of Connecticut. If you match these requirements, and believe you're paying too much for electricity, our team is for you.

How much do I pay for the assessment?

The market rate for the base assessment is $149.  Customers can apply for the Income Eligible category, which means the assessment occurs with no cost to you.

How long does a base assessment take? What about additional measures?

Depending on the size of the home, it can take a few hours to all day.  Homes larger than 3500 sq feet tend to take upwards of 4 hours.  Anything below this can be done in 1 - 3 hours.  

Same is applied to additional measures; the smaller the home, the quicker the job.

What if I already had an assessment? Do I need another?

You cannot re-apply for an energy assessment within 3 years of your last.  Homes with assessments before 3 years ago qualify for another.